Openstream's Chief Scientist Dr.Phil Cohen named an ACL Fellow

In recognition of his significant contributions to the study of communicative action and dialogue, and to the theory and practice of multimodal interaction

Openstream expands the advisory board

Company proud to include the visionary leaders in the field of Conversational AI on its advisory board

Webinar on How State of the Art in Intelligent Virtual Assistants can accelerate your business in 2021

About Openstream™

Delivering Intelligence for the Digital Enterprise

Openstream’s Eva™ is the ‘Face of the Digital Workspace™’ that helps enterprises digitally transform by providing users natural interactions and proactive assistance on their preferred channels. We help deliver simpler and more intuitive customer experiences and faster, more efficient employee workflows.

About Us
Why Openstream ™

Pioneering user experience for the Digital workspace.

Openstream is an industry pioneer with a proven, large-scale enterprise AI platform and more than a decade of experience helping companies quickly deploy virtual assistants to deliver superior experiences that are multimodal and context aware. Accessing a large set of ‘out-of-the-box’ integrations, enterprises rely on Openstream to help them quickly build and scale great self-service experiences that are intuitive and designed for success.

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For today's Enterprise Experience matters.

Source: Zendesk, PWC, Esteban Kolsky.


Customers prefer selfservice over speaking to a representative.


Buyers are willing to pay more for a great experience.


Customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people.


Openstream's Eva™ is platform that delivers role-based industry-specific solutions underpinned by Conversational AI, Deep Neural Networks and Machine Learning.

Financial Services



Field Force

Contact Center




Openstream's Eva is a multimodal conversational platform that enables users to interact naturally with various enterprise applications. It automates many routine functions (from simple to complex) and assists users by learning their higher-level goals and context including preferences and priorities.


Responds to voice, touch, vision, gestures and text

Context-aware & Proactive

Responds to situations and prioritizes based on user behavior


Underpinned by Conversational AI, Deep Neural Networks & ML

Multi Channel

Meets users on their preferred channel (web, IM, mobile or social)


EvaCafé is a feature rich authoring studio for context-aware, multimodal conversation development and deployment across the enterprise, with ready integration to the most popular applications and bots of any knowledge in a data-driven organization.

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Knowledge Builder

A self-learning engine that can glean knowledge from both structured and unstructured data sources such as multimedia, websites, documents, logs etc.

Interaction Manager

A module that helps Eva(tm) understand multimodal input, recognize users' plans and collaborate with the users to help them accomplish their goals.

Context Manager

A module that helps Eva(tm) learn, maintain and leverage context while interpreting users' requests.


Delivering superior experiences that are multimodal and context aware.

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