Eva for Financial Services

A Conversational AI solution that integrates an intelligent Virtual Assistant and financial services backend systems to drive meaningful results, from enhancing employee and customer experiences to improving back-office operations

  • Reduce operational costs and risk with improved fraud detection and regulatory compliance
  • Improve loan and credit decisioning
  • Automate the investment process
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Stakeholder Challenges


  • Is accelerated digitization with AI a business strategy you are looking to implement?
  • Are you looking for a solution to improve accuracy in such areas as forecasting and budgeting?

Sr. Director, Conversational AI

  • Is your financial services company focused on applying AI to increase revenue and customer engagement?
  • Are you looking for a solution to optimize and automate tasks that require manual intervention?

Enterprise Architect

  • Are you developing a future state design in order to advance AI capabilities?
  • Do you drive AI integration strategies to gain operational efficiencies?

Solution Traits

Rely on Eva, your superpower, to overcome challenges and produce better business outcomes


Create personalized interactions that are context-aware and adapt to users’ needs by anticipating desires


in Complexity

Integrate an intelligent virtual assistant with multiple enterprise applications and use predictive analytics to extract meaningful insights from the data



Personalized self-service experiences that can scale to hundreds of thousands of users


Trustworthy and
Explainable AI

Financial services companies can deploy Eva in a transparent, inclusive, principles-based manner

Ready-to-deploy accelerators to
jump start resource management


Intent Dashboard

Know and rank the reasons customers contacted the financial institution and their primary goals


Knowledge Builder

Automate how knowledge gained over time can be used to improve employee responses, training and financial institution operations


Agent Assist

Surface relevant information based on the context of the conversation that will aid both new and experienced agents in quickly helping customers

What makes Eva different?

Experience what you didn’t know was possible

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