Heralding the intelligent Enterprise

Openstream has a proven track record with leading global enterprises covering a wide spectrum of industries.

Our Enterprise Virtual Assistant is differentiated on the strength of its depth of comprehension, ease of configuration and time to deployment, superior User Experience (UX) and a technology platform designed to provide frictionless interaction for the rapidly evolving digital workspace.

Financial Services

Openstream's “Eva(tm) for Financial Services” enables the delivery of rich financial services applications across a variety of mobile devices and platforms for enterprise workforce and customers.

  • Brokerage

  • Trading

  • Advisory

  • Conversational Banking

  • Customer 360

Financial Services consumers expect to access their personal and trading accounts on their smart devices in a secure environment for various transactions such as alert-driven account access, bill payments and transfers. Employees, Sales and Account Managers expect to use the latest devices to deliver services and content to customers on the move. Conversational, AI-based financial services are fast becoming a key component of a long-term strategy for banks and other financial institutions.

Openstream's “Eva(tm) for Financial Services” enables the delivery of rich mobile financial services applications across a variety of channels and platforms for enterprise workforce and consumers. Openstream has several years of experience in implmenting AI driven financial services solutions with Application Accelerators for Mobile solutions covering both Retail and Commercial markets.

Some of our Accelerators include:

  • Asset Management with cash-flow visualizations,
  • Stock look-ups and news feeds relating to your selected classes of assets
  • Liquidity Management that tracks various cash-flows,
  • Commodities and transactions for individuals and for companies.
  • Funds Dashboards with Heat Maps that deliver timely, contextual content from across the globe,
  • Configurable Retail Brokerage Solution with Exchange Connectors.

Key Technology Benefits of Eva(tm) for Financial Services:
Simplify Web offerings without significant rewrites.
Manage all your AI offerings from a single management platform.
Leverage best of conversational interfaces without sacrificing portability.
Leverage SOA investments in delivery of mobile services and content.

Field Force Automation

EVA for Field Force offers intelligent automation of job-assignment and review and collaboration with the field force, smart assistant for job deails, and history and recommendations.

  • AI-based predictive maintenance

  • Automation and Tracking

  • Intelligent Assistant for troubleshooting

  • Route Optimization

Contact Center

EVA(tm) Contact Center includes several ready-to-deploy accelearators that help the contact center operators to jump start efficient management of their resources in a phased manner

  • Intent dashboard - Know and rank the reasons customers called and their primary goals

  • Knowledge builder - Automate how the knowledge gained over time could be used to improve agent responses, training and overall contact center operations

  • Multimodal Virtual Assistant - Dedicated virtual assistant that leverages historic interactions and knowledge bases to engage with customers (or employees) to help achieve their goals, offering a superior digital experience


EVA Multimodal Conversational AI solutions are deployed with some of the largest Pharmaceutical Companies across the globe in the following areas:

  • Clinical Trials

  • Learning Management System (LMS) Compliance

  • Doctor Interactions

  • AI-based collaborative research


Openstream's EVA for Insurance enables the delivery of rich conversational and mobile insurance services and applications across a variety of channels and platforms for executives, agents, inspectors and consumers

  • AI-based claim processing

  • Inspections

  • Policy

  • Catastrophe management

  • Intelligent underwriting

Health Care

With several years of experience in the multimodal Health care industry Openstream offers EVA- Health Assistant for Patients, Caregivers and Physicians.

  • Payer

  • Provider

  • Personal Health Care Assistant

  • Diabetes

  • Congestive Heart failure

Eva(tm) Health Care Assistant meets the needs of Payers, Patients, Physicians, Pharmacists, and Medical Researchers with time-saving and productivity-enhancing apps and services.

The health care industry today is under siege from rising costs, tougher regulations and the growing demand for quality services. AI based conversational solutions provide innovative and effective ways for healthcare institutions to increase efficiencies and improve service quality. Easy, quick and reliable access to patient records, collaboration and sharing of patient information and decision-making on the move – these are just a few of the ways in which AI based solutions are increasing productivity and reducing errors for our customers.

Personal Health Care Assistant for Patients

Disseminate key medical information via text, voice and other communication channels
Timely reminders for adherence to drug regimen
Prescription refill notifications
Alerts for upcoming physician/lab visits
Measure, record, monitor and share various health parameters such as Blood Glucose, Blood Pressure, Physical Activity and more
Update/alert Caregiver and Physicians in real-time

Care Management for Caregivers

Track and manage patients' health, prescriptions and physician visits
Learn and share information about the conditions, symptoms and remedies with patient, fellow caregivers (communities), and physicians
Notifications and timely reminders on drug adherence, activity adherence and visits to health center
Communicate and collaborate information with the physician, patient and other stakeholders

Remote Patient Monitoring for Physicians

Access to health records and key patient activities
Prescription and adherence tracking
Communication with caregiver and patient via text messages, voice notes and video chat

Delivering superior experiences that are multimodal and context aware.

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