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Virtual Digital Assistants: Tractica - 2016

Openstream was listed as a Key Industry Player in Virtual Digital Assistants (VDAs). VDAs are automated software applications or platforms that assist the human user through understanding natural language in written or spoken form, are rapidly gaining traction in consumer and enterprise markets alike.

Software Advice - Should You Believe the Hype? Evaluating 5 HR Tech Trends for Small Businesses

Gartner mentions Openstream's EVA as an emerging enterprise platform for Virtual Personal Assistant in this Software Advice report.

Openstream EVA in Gartner's Research Report - 2015

Openstream was mentioned in the Gartner's top 10 predictions for 2016 and the post-app era.

Opus Research report mentions Openstream EVA - 2013

Openstream's EVA simplifying employee access to frequently-used apps mentioned in "Intelligent Assistance and the Inside Game" report.

Mobile, with Awareness: American Banker - 2012

Openstream's context-aware technology mentioned in American Banker's "Mobile, with Awareness" article.