Delivering Intelligence for the Digital Enterprise

Openstream's EVA is a Context-aware Multimodal Virtual Assistant Platform that addresses many of the key requirements of Enterprise Line of Businesses (LoBs) and challenges of their IT Departments in implementing their digital strategy and solutions.

Meeting users on their preferred channel, it knows their goals, preferences & priorities, and collaborates with them to deliver an "in-the-moment" personalized experience. As an Assistant, EVA monitors vaious enterprise applications and content sources for events of interest for the users and helps complete tasks without friction in the interaction.

Enterprise Virtual Assistant


Openstream's Enterprise Virtual Assistant is a multimodal conversational platform that enables users interact naturally with various enterprise applications. It automates many routine functions (from simple to complex) and assists users by learning their higher level goals and context including preferences and priorities.


Virtual Assistant capabilities will help better business outcomes


Responds to voice,touch,vision,gesture and text

Context Aware

Responds to situation! And Prioritizes, based on user behavior


Underpinned by Conversational AI, Deep Neural Networks and Machine Learning

Multi Channel

Meets users on their preferred channel (web, IM, mobile or social) and is IoT ready

Enterprise Virtual Assistant


EvaCafé is a feature rich authoring studio for context-awre multimodal conversation development and deployment across enterprise, with ready integration to most popular applications and bots of any knowledge & Data-driven organization.

EVA Multimodal AI Platform

for script-less Virtual Assistant Deployment

How can Eva Help?

EVA Significantly Enhances Engagement

Provide uunique insights that improve user experience and reduce the  transaction time

Address user's higher level goals, not just provide a literal response to queries

Create new opportunities to better serve users through insights gained through Artificial Intelligence (AL) and Machine Learning (ML) techniques

Embrace an agile (iterative, quick, flexible) approach of working and utilize interaction data to drive project decisions and innovation

Build capabilities that can be leveraged repeatedly across various enterprise functions rather than building solutions for each problem

Build & Retain a User genome – Unified representation of the customer persona to provide rich insights and user experience, across channels and functions in the enterprise

Delivering superior experiences that are multimodal and context aware.

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